The Centrale 7 organization was founded in 2004 by students of Ecole Centrale Paris. They weren’t many but they all shared a strong rugby spirit. They were helped by Xavier Pujos, trainer of the school rugby team. The first Centrale Sevens edition took place in 2005 and it was already a fantastic preview of the tournament’s future success and spirit. Teams from other countries were already invited, such as Roma, Loughborough and Oxford University, which has kept coming every year ever since.

Year after year, the organization became bigger and more and more students took part in this fantastic two years experience. Since the tournament was starting to become famous in the rugby world, a lot of teams, from all around the world came and the overall level of the tournament increased. Every team we have hosted has always wanted to come back the year after. In fact, this tournament isn’t only about playing rugby. It’s also about meeting people from all around the world, and sharing different cultures around the rugby spirit. It is really an event someone who participated in will never forget.

In 2012, we had the idea of organizing another event : the Sev’ent. Students  from the top french engineering and business schools, and our partners participate in a job forum, and then face each other in a 7’s rugby tournament.


 Inside the Centrale 7 organization, we share a lot of values : friendship and professionalism, solidarity, respect and trust. We try  to spread these values with every person taking part in our events, even though we know that all the teams we are hosting are used to them.

Still, some people discover rugby during our events, so this is why we try to make them experience it fully, with the most important thing first : its incredible spirit!